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GreenHack People – Mentors, Jury, Organizers

You can see profiles of the mentors who will help you with your hack as well as judges & organizers:

GreenHack Mentors

Vladimír Kočí (Jury president)

Professor at VŠCHT and ČVUT

Prof. Ing. Vladimír Kočí, Ph.D., MBA focuses his professional activities on environmental impacts of human activities, environmental sciences and especially product ecology. He is an expert in the method of life cycle assessment of products, which he is developing in the Czech Republic. In his projects, he develops ecodesign and other tools for reducing the adverse impacts of human activity on the environment. In addition to his work on a number of scientific projects, he cooperates with other universities, many industrial enterprises, non-profit organizations and the local government of the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Government Council on Climate Change.

Ondřej Hlavička

Country Director

Ondrej Hlavicka is leader with strong background in Technology and Finance and experience ranging from SMEs to global corporations, currently leading Czech branch of Edwards Lifesciences. One of his main professional passions are data and all the ways we can use them to improve and save lives.ght his experience in building industrial innovation clusters. Prior to CzechInvest, he worked his way through corporate, startup, event and life abroad. His fields of expertise were automotive, engineering and strategic projects. Now, within the EcoTech Hub, he is committed to supporting innovative startups and partners in the fields of sustainability, ecology and circular economy.

Jakub Valčík (Jury)

Entrepreneur & CTO at TTC Holding

Jakub Valcik is Entrepreneur & CTO driving the hunt for the next generation of roducts and services, constantly evolving entrepreneurial mindset, where innovations and research are key elements for creating new values for society overall. He works closely with product managers to co-develop product visions, value propositions, business models, and go-to-market strategies. He oversees research activities, organizes technology teams, and fosters synergies among remote teams.

Jiří Zdražil (Jury)

IoT Sales Lead

As an IoT Sales lead, Jiri drives groundbreaking initiatives, leveraging interconnected devices and data analytics to advance Vodafone’s IoT strategy. He is a dedicated telecommunications professional with 15 years of experience at Vodafone. He knows how to bring all IoT business cases to successful implementation and customer satisfaction, including customized solutions. He actively pursues personal growth, staying updated on industry advancements through continuous learning.


Jitka Čejková (Jury)


Jitka Čejková is an associate professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. Her research interests include artificial life and droplets as liquid robots. She is the editor of the book „Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. and the Vision of Artificial Life“, published in Czech under the title Robot 100.

Filip Krůta (Jury)


Filip Krůta is the director of the EcoTech Hub in CzechInvest’s largest project, the Technology Incubation, to which he brought his experience in building industrial innovation clusters. Prior to CzechInvest, he worked his way through corporate, startup, event and life abroad. His fields of expertise were automotive, engineering and strategic projects. Now, within the EcoTech Hub, he is committed to supporting innovative startups and partners in the fields of sustainability, ecology and circular economy.

Pavol Hejný (Jury)

Co-founder of the H-du and

Pavol is the co-founder of the H-Edu teacher platform and online virtual whiteboard He has worked on projects for the Czech Ornithological Society and has also developed the online game Towns and many other projects in the past. He has spoken at various conferences such as DevConf, LinuxDays, OpenAlt, Czech VR Fest, Frontendisti,, Jobs Dev, etc. He has organized several technology conferences himself, co-organized hackathons and participated in many startup competitions as a mentor and judge. He keeps up to date with technology events in the Czech Republic and sends a monthly email to people who are interested about the most interesting events on

Martin Kult (Jury)

Head of Digitization Department of CEPS

Zuzana Drhová

Expert on sustainability and circle economy at Prague Innovation Institute

Expert on sustainability and circle economy
Zuzana is a deputy director of the Prague Innovation Institute and specialist in sustainable urban
development, circle economy and strategy governance. Experienced in NGO management, EU
cohesion policy and Smart City agenda. In 2021 she was responsible for the preparation of the
Strategy „Circular Prague 2030“ with focus on circular building industry, food and agriculture in the
city, circular water and prevention of wastes. She leads the city platform for urban innovations under
the Prague Innovation Strategy (RIS3 strategy) with aim to initiate new innovative projects
supporting Prague sustainability and resilence.

Václav Gregor

CEO & Partner at Soulmates Ventures

Vaclav is someone who puts emphasis on building relationships and creating value for his network by helping founders grow. After his exit from his tech company focused on influencer brands he steered his focus toward not just profit, but purpose-profit driven startups, by designing an accelerator program at Soulmates Ventures where he is partner and CEO. Soulmates Ventures accelerator team helps ambitious founders scale their products to global market and becoming number one. The program provides nuts and bolts from brand development that captures your audience eyes to financial planning that your investor board will love. We don’t just mentor you, we build it for you.

Michal Sikyta

Investment Manager

Michal seeks and supports meaningful innovative approaches. He is an investment manager at Soulmates Ventures, an accelerator and VC fund for sustainable innovation. In supporting founders and the sustainability community generally, he leads the Green Innovation Academy, a non-profit platform founded by Soulmates Ventures. Michal founded Flüchtlinge Willkommen Österreich and has been heavily involved in the expansion of the project throughout Europe. He was behind the development of the non-profit projects PROSA, HOME or work:in. He is a research fellow at AMO for sustainable finance. Michal studied Political Science at the University of Vienna and International Relations at Oxford University.“

František Vašek

Sustainable Energy Business Consultant

František has a unique mixture of 15+ years of experience from energy sector along the whole value chain from regulated activities to retail with energy and related offerings. His strong skill is to understand the business needs and translate them into systemic solution, while keeping focus on the value creation. In the past he contributed to the successful electricity market entry for the two main gas players on CZ and SK market (products, pricing tools, processes), and currently he works as a Director of Retail and Consulting in Nano Green (Nano Energies)​.

František is an expert on renewable resources, electromobility, business models & prototyping. He is passionate about technlogies and nature.

Tomáš Studeník

Radical Innovator & City Hacker

Tomáš Studeník is a radical innovator and urban hacker.He runs innovation consultancy boutique Insane Business Ideas. He was named TOP IT Czech Personality of the Year 2020 by Computer World magazine. Tomáš is the author of THEaiTRE project, where artificial intelligence wrote a play 100 years after the premiere of Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. In 2022, Tomáš founded Caelestinus Incubator for helath tech startups. In 2023, Tomáš published a new book „The Art of Failure“, which he wrote together with Prof. Josef Hynek, the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Management at the University of Hradec Králové, with whom he teaches a one-semester course in Science of Failure.

Blanka Turturro

Chairwoman at SLOW FOOD

Blanka is a chairwoman of the Prague branch of SLOW FOOD(R) PRAGUE, advocate, and promoter of the philosophy of the Slow Food movement in Prague. Food should have an educational purpose. In every country, local food helps us to get closer to the local culture, traditions, laws of nature, and economy. Let’s learn to appreciate the culture of food, to know its true value, and above all NOT to waste it. Supplies are not inexhaustible. And it is the responsibility of all of us to preserve the resources for future generations because we affect nature and the environment by what we eat.

Marek Hinke


Marek Hinke is an architect and executive in the company Hinke Novák – architects. Marek studied architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and during his studies and afterwards, he collaborated with architectural design studios focusing on office, laboratory, gastronomic, and residential interiors. After his studies, Marek worked in Berlin and Dresden for the international companies magma architecture and Heinle, Wischer und Partner. In 2019, Marek, together with Marek Novák, established the studio Hinke Novák – architects, focusing on interior architecture in residential and commercial projects

Otto Zeman

IoT Solutions & Service Lead

Otto leads a technical team of consultants focused on the Internet of Things, 5G mobile private networks and digitalization. He has been working on mobile communication opportunities for more than 15 years and it is still his passion. He loves innovation and combining the two hard-to-connect worlds of technology and business. He is the initiator and co-founder of the #VodafoneUniLab at Brno University of Technology, which helps accelerate the development of IoT devices.


Martin Wolf

Environmental, Health & Safety Lead

Martin Wolf leads Sustainability/Environment, Health & Safety team in Edwards Lifesciences (Medical Devices), in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada and Latin America. The team main focus is on „Patient First / Planet Forever“ and „Protect Yourself to Help Others“. Martin has 20+ year experience in high-risk operations, mainly in Oil & Gas Industry. He is passionate about managing risks in the way to limit impact on environment and people by teamwork, high commitment and company / society culture. His result and business focus together with practical approach are coming from highly demanding international experience across different cultures.

Jan Bartoš

Energy Analyst

Jan is a highly skilled energy analyst with broad knowledge of energy, energy security, and digitalization issues. He currently works on digitalization in the Czech Republic electricity TSO ČEPS a.s., where he helps find solutions to the many challenges brought about by energy transformation and decentralization. Jan is also active in international cooperation through his role of convenor of working group “Digitalization and Communication” in Europe’s TSO association ENTSO-E. His former experience includes work as an energy policy analyst in the International Energy Agency, as an advisor to the World Energy Council or as a government officer with responsibilities in the area of national energy security

Jakub Galina

Shift Manager

He is a graduate in Information Technology and Multimedia Creation. After his studies, he realized that he would like to try working in a team and connect more with people. That led him to Gastronomy, where he currently works as a shift manager in Vnitroblock. He is experiencing how to lead big groups of people, manage rental of spaces, and also how to create events.

Lukáš Ždárský

Co-owner - Vnitroblock, Kavárna, co hledá jméno, Radlická kulturní sportovna

Lukas and his partner Jakub Zajic have a special ability to build something out of nothing. Specifically, they transform abandoned and neglected spaces into vibrant and incredibly cool places. That’s exactly what the Nameless Cafe and Radlická Cultural Sports Hall – a bar and venue for cultural events – in Prague’s Smíchov district are like. And now, they have also turned Vnitroblock in Holešovice into a café and design store, with a dance hall on the upper floor. In just a few months, they will also open a lane in the courtyard, featuring a bakery, restaurant, tattoo parlor, barber shop, and a theater hall. Although the guys collaborate with other people to open these places, they will run them all by themselves.

Šimon Kos

Co-founder of

Šimon graduated FA CTU, he is practicing architect with a background in parametric scripting and artificial intelligence. He co-founded and co-created the public service PrahaBot, which provides an AI-enabled knowledge base of city documents, manuals, methodologies and regulations in the form of an informed conversational AI assistant.

Robert Youssef

Co-founder of

Robert graduated ARCHIP, he is urban planner with expertise in participation with the public. He is currently researching policies in his mother country, Ukraine, to enable European partners to engage in post war reconstruction. He co-founded and is co-creator and strategist of the project.

Anna Moravcová

Channel Business Development Manager

Anna has been part of the Eurowag group since 2018. She has over 7 years of experience in the field of telematics and has been working at Eurowag for the last 2 years as a Business Development Manager. She is in charge of indirect sales channels and partners who resell the Webdispecink product. Anna actively helps partners find solutions tailored to customer needs and solves challenges in the field of carsharing, electromobility and the overall efficiency of vehicle fleets.

Roman Gdovjak

Country Manager for Slovakia & Expansion Manager at

Country Manager for Slovakia & Expansion Manager at

Roman is a Country Manager for Slovakia & Expansion Manager at – green-tech start-up and trading platform with focus on circularity in waste management. In the European biggest recycling platform, waste of one company could be a wealth for another one and when using machine learning, Cyrkl can manage the right match. He has been focusing on the topic of circular economy for a couple of years now, in the start-up world, but prior to Cyrkl, also in public administration and NGO sector. In public administration in Slovak Environment Agency, he was responsible for the topic of Sustainable consumption and production, while also representing Slovakia’s circular economy activities in Brussels and organising an international conference for Eco-innovation. He is a graduate of the University of Economics, where he focused on International economic relations.

Tadeáš Kula

CEO and founder of Reknihy

CEO and founder of Reknihy

Tadeáš Kula is the CEO and founder of the startup Reknihy. It is a digital platform that allows people to efficiently sell books lying unused in their library. Tadeáš is a web designer, which, apart from UX, is his primary speciality. He started his business career very early – at the age of 13 when he managed and owned popular game servers. As a teenager, he was still creating websites or participating in the expansion of FaceUp abroad. Tadeáš gifted the creation of Reknihy as his 22nd birthday gift to himself. As he says, it was born out of his own need to send his books out so that someone else could be enriched by them and save the environment at the same time.

Radek Hartman

Member of the Board of Directors

Member of the Board of Directors

Graduating from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Radek further completed an MBA program specializing in strategic and change management at the Sheffield Business School. He has held managerial positions at companies including Arthur Andersen, MONDI Štětí, Cap Gemini, CE WOOD, U & SLUNO, and Ernst & Young Czech Republic.

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