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Can you sustain 36 hours non-stop work for a more sustainable world? Third GreenHack is here!

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What is Green Hack?

GreenHack 2023 is the third year of international sustainability hackathon tackling environmentally responsible development and future greatest challenges. We are not afraid of the big issues. Climate change, overconsumption, irresponsible production and poor resource management. Let’s take them on.

We are certain that technology, together with our willingness to behave differently, is key to solving 21st century issues. Will you give it a try?

100+ masters of innovation, cutting edge technologies and new materials, product and service design as well as other young experts will compete for great prizes with their solutions for the specific challenges of our partners.

The battle will last two days, non-stop. Dare to join in?

GreenHack will centre around sustainability of buildings in all its facets: energy consumption, waste management, building and fitting materials, green logistics as well as prop tech opportunities to improve life cycle carbon footprint of office and home.

PRIZE MONEY: 5 000 €

Main prize: 2 500 €
2nd Prize: 1 500 €
3rd Prize: 1 000 €

+ number of partner prizes (to be specified prior to the event)


1. Circular economy

How can we reduce the proportion of linear ecenomy leading to a society that produce a lot of waste and does not use long lasting materials and/or recycled materials in its potential? 

Challenge partner: 

2. Energy savings in buildings

Think of solutions that would help reduce fossile fuels consuption in buildings.

Challenge partner: Mattoni 1873

3. Energy savings in transportation

Think of solutions that would help reduce fossile fuels consuption in transportation.

Challenge partner: Mattoni 1873

4. Technology & Environmental education

What can be the next educational material used for educating youth and public generally via modern technology?

Challenge partner: T-Mobile

5. Waste management

What can be improved in waste management so it is more efficient and environmental friendly?

Challenge partner: T-Mobile

6. Data model for fighting climate change

To address the climate change data is the key. Develop a data model preventing different environmental issues based on our partner’s data sets.

Challenge partner: Cyrkl

7. Feed more with less

Agriculture produce more than 10% of global emissions totally worth 5-10 billions of CO2e. Population in near decades will still grow. Help maintain emissions limited.

Challenge partner: Cyrkl

8. Effective solutions in Energy crisis for business

How would you achieve more efficient gas and electricity usage for Czech industry? What kind of technologies would you develop?

Challenge partner: Deloitte

9. Effective Power plants & grids

Electricity is our day to day need. But it gets lost on the way to the consumers. Find efficiency in transmitting electricity.

Challenge partner: ČEPS



THURSDAY – 1 June 2023
Pre-Hack Day

Partner workshops throughout the day

FRIDAY – 2 June 2023
Hack Day #1

09:00–09:40 – Welcome & Keynotes
09:40–10:00 – Organization & Rules
10:00–11:00 – Challenge presentations
11:00–11:30 – Mentor introduction
11:30 – Hacking starts
12:00–15:00 – Challenges Q&A (with Partners)
17:00–17:20 – Organization Q&A (with ORG)
20:00 – Checkpoint (with ORG)

SATURDAY – 3 June 2023
Hack Day #2
09:00–10:00 – Workshop: How to make a great video?
10:00–10:30 – Checkpoint
14:00 – Submissions deadline
18:30–19:00 – Winners announcement
19:00 – Outdoor afterparty

Green & modern venue

Green Venue

gram – brand new spaces in the centre of Prague
Záhřebská 23, Prague 2, Czech Republic

Industry Partners


GreenHack is part of EU Green Week 2022 initiative by European Commission and is organized under auspices of The Ministry of the Environment & Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague and the Embassy of Netherlands.

Academic partners

Network partners

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