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Congratulations to the team The Dudes!

Winners of GreenHack 2023

1st PLACE: The Dudes with project  I ❤️ GRID

2nd PLACE: Tava with project SHORTGPT

3rd PLACE: DishDatabase with project Dish Database 

Partner Prizes

ČEPS PRIZE: The Dudes with project  I ❤️ GRID

TTC Holding PRIZE: Init to win it with project FAST FOURIER SOLUTIONS

AInautes PRIZE: Tava with project SHORTGPT & Hyeny with project GREEN GPT

Inside GreenHack 2023

What is Green Hack?

GreenHack 2024 is the third year of international sustainability hackathon tackling environmentally responsible development and future greatest challenges. We are not afraid of the big issues. Climate change, overconsumption, irresponsible production and poor resource management. Let’s take them on.

We are certain that technology, together with our willingness to behave differently, is key to solving 21st century issues. Will you give it a try?

100+ masters of innovation, cutting edge technologies and new materials, product and service design as well as other young experts will compete for great prizes with their solutions for the specific challenges of our partners.

The battle will last two days, non-stop. Dare to join in?

GreenHack will centre around sustainability of buildings in all its facets: energy consumption, waste management, building and fitting materials, green logistics as well as prop tech opportunities to improve life cycle carbon footprint of office and home.

PRIZE MONEY: 4 000 €

Main prize: 2 000 €
2nd Prize: 1 500 €
3rd Prize: 500 €

+ number of partner prizes (to be specified prior to the event)

Challenges from 2023

1. Green da Fleet

Program an application that, based on real data about the operation of company vehicles, recommends the most suitable composition of cars in the company fleet. That means, it will efficiently suggest the ratio of electric cars, hybrids and cars with internal combustion engine so that the travel costs are as low as possible and cars put as little burden on the environment as possible.

Challenge partner: Vodafone

2. Advancing Energy Situational Awareness

Find ways to optimize electric grids and improve sustainability. The challenge centers around developing a workflow management solution to monitor thousands of sensors deployed in the field. These sensors work as independent devices connected to the system through an unreliable network, making it challenging to collect accurate and timely data.

The goal is to create a system that can optimize the use of communication networks and maximize situational awareness.

Challenge partner: TTC Holding

3. EcoGen: Unleash the Sustainable Power of AI

We are all aware of the sky-rocketing electricity consumption of IT infrastructure enabling smooth operation of neural networks used in generative AI services. Your mission is to develop a solution that significantly reduces the energy demand of generative AI models without compromising their performance. Your hack can tackle the problem form any angle: the hardware, the software, the user, the provider, all might be tweeked so that energy demand is lowered or optimized.

Challenge partner: AInautes

4. Help the Grid

The goal of Transmission System Operators is grid balance maintenance to ensure continuous power supply. The changing energy landscape calls for innovative solutions like virtual batteries, power plants or electricity consumption behaviour change of retail consumers and prosumers.

We expect the teams that decide to tackle our challenge to develop an app displaying the real-time power grid status, prompting users to adjust their home energy consumption accordingly. The app, ideally a visible phone widget, will include features for user feedback. A user dashboard will also be developed for feedback visualization. User motivation can involve awards or future financial incentives for households providing flexibility services to grid operators via smart devices.

Challenge partner: CEPS

5. Sustainable Workplace

We want to challenge you to imagine a more sustainable workplace with us; from the design of the office, the structure of the floorplan, and the materials used to how our offices are run, we believe there is a better, greener way.

You will be welcome to visit our Prague office nearby to see the way it is designed and run, with one of its architects as a mentor; the goal is to figure out bold new ideas on how to build and run a workplace better, so we can apply them not only in our Prague office but also in our offices across Europe.

Challenge partner: Edwards Lifesciences

6. Slash the Food Waste

Revolutionize food consumption practices by developing innovative solutions to tackle food waste in households and hospitality establishments. Utilize your creativity and technical skills to optimize food usage, minimize waste, and create sustainable food management strategies. 

Challenge partner: Potravinové banky

7. Sustainable Calculator

Create an innovative digital calculator that can serve as a tool for evaluating and comparing different hand wiping methods in catering establishments. Outputs should include aspects of economy, efficiency, user experience and environmental impact.

Challenge partner: VNITROBLOCK



THURSDAY – 30 May 2024
Pre-Hack Day (ONLINE)

14:0015:00 – Networking session for hackers without a team (ONLINE ONLY)

FRIDAY – 31 May 2024
Hack Day #1

08:30–09:00 – Registration for OFFLINE hackers
09:00–09:40 – Welcome & Keynotes
09:40–10:00 – Organization & Rules
10:00–11:00 – Challenge presentations
11:00–11:30 – Mentor introduction
11:30 – Hacking starts
14:00–16:00 – Challenges Q&A (with Partners)
17:00–17:20 – Organization Q&A (with ORG)
20:00 – Checkpoint (with ORG)

SATURDAY – 1 June 2024
Hack Day #2
09:00–10:00 – Workshop: How to make a great video?
10:00–10:30 – Checkpoint
13:00 – Submissions deadline
18:30–19:00 – Winners announcement
19:00 – Afterparty

Venue: Prague Castle


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GreenHack 2023


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