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Can you sustain 36 hours non-stop work for a more sustainable world?

What is Green Hack?

GreenHack is an international hackathon tackling sustainable development and future challenges. We want to help solve big issues. Climate change, overconsumption, irresponsible production and poor resource management.
GreenHack will centre around sustainability of buildings in all its facets: energy consumption, waste management, building and fitting materials, green logistics as well as prop tech opportunities to improve life cycle carbon footprint of office and home.
Masters of innovation and nascent technologies, eighty hackers and fresh minds will meet in Prague to fight the environmental doom mankind may be heading to. Join in the battle and save the green.

Time before GreenHack will begin

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Prize money: 4 000 €


Can you save the energy?
Can you make it safer?
Can you reuse the waste?
Can you change people’s habits?
Can you decrease carbon footprint?
or define your own challenge

Do you want to become partner of Green Hack 2021?
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