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Can you sustain 36 hours non-stop work for a more sustainable world?

What is Green Hack?

GreenHack is an international hackathon tackling sustainable development and future challenges. We are not afraid of the big issues. Climate change, overconsumption, irresponsible production and poor resource management. Let’s take them on.

We are certain that technology, together with our willingness to behave differently, is key to solving 21st century issues. Will you give it a try?

Over a hundred masters of innovation, nascent technologies and new materials, product and service design as well as human psyche will fight the environmental doom mankind is facing. The battle will last two days, non-stop. Dare to join in?

GreenHack will centre around sustainability of buildings in all its facets: energy consumption, waste management, building and fitting materials, green logistics as well as prop tech opportunities to improve life cycle carbon footprint of office and home.

PRIZE MONEY: 5 000 €

Main prize: 2 500 €
2nd Prize: 1 500 €
3rd Prize: 1 000 €

Partner prizes:


1. Beverage packaging VS. augmented reality

Use beverage packaging (PET, glass, can) as a gateway to augmented reality – the story of mineral water, that will show:
– Background information about water – how it is created and explaining its bioquality
– Sustainability and circularity – what happens to the beverage packaging after use
– The importance of a proper drinking regime

Challenge partner: Mattoni 1873

2. Bottle deposit scheme

Majority of beverage packaging (PET bottles and cans) in 12 European countries is collected through a system of machines where it is necessary to input uncrumpled beverage packaging only. That might be a problem. Develop a solution that would allow the beverage packaging to be identified in all conditions!

Challenge partner: Mattoni 1873

3. Deposit bottles home storage

If the return of crumpled PET bottles to collection machines is not resolved in the foreseeable future, how can it be easier for people to store undamaged empty PET bottles at home? Think of the best solution so that the bottles can be transferred to the store convenietly.

Challenge partner: Mattoni 1873

4. Take me home: Electronic Devices Take-back Campaign

Come up with a digital communication campaign strategy including execution of your creative idea to motivate people to return all sorts of old unused electric devices they may have at home to bring those to any T-Mobile branch. These mainly include mobile phones, tablets, PCs, routers, chargers, powerbanks and set-top boxes. Make sure you make the whole process convenient, fun and sustainable for your target group

Challenge partner: T-Mobile

5. Wrap me green: alternative to bubble paper envelopes

Come up with an alternative to the common bubble paper envelope. Everyone uses them. We still send out forty thousand phones and other accessories in traditional packaging that is so hard to recycle. Big changes start with what is within our reach, so we ask you to propose a different kind of wrap: sustainable, safe, affordable and easy-to-use. Think of new materials, new technologies, new behaviours and sharing economy.  

Challenge partner: T-Mobile

6. Material Passports for Circular economy

To address the climate change, we believe that a circular economy is a necessity, not a choice. Material passport has to offer an opportunity to gather and organise data about various materials in an effort to find the best possible way of handling. 

Challenge partner: Cyrkl

7. Circular Economy & Transportation

A lot of waste materials have great value today, especially for the biggest companies, which produce high volumes. But for middle-sized companies, which produce lesser amounts, it is difficult to find a recycling partner, because of high transportation costs. Can you design a system, which could solve this issue?

Challenge partner: Cyrkl

8. Effective solutions in Energy crisis

Come up with a new creative strategy for Effective solutions in context of gas and electricity crisis in the Czech Republic. How would you achieve more efficient gas and electricity usage for Czech industry, households and storage? What kind of technologies – green hydrogen, heat pumps, biogas, insulations etc.; in which new forms – community centers, new gas pipelines etc. would you develop?

Challenge partner: Deloitte

9. Grid Control by drones

We have thousands of pictures from drones of the national Grid infrastructure (Masts and mast´s components – f.e. isolators). The task is to recognize types of masts on the pictures – “mast types recognition”. Hack team should prepare the solution for recognition specific masts by name and deliver output.

Challenge partner: ČEPS



Pre-Hack Day

11:00 – Mattoni 1873 workshop
15:30 – T-Mobile workshop
16:00 – 17:00 – Deloitte workshop
19:00 – Team formation for individual participants

FRIDAY – 20 May
Hack Day #1

09:00–09:40 – Welcome & Keynotes
09:40–10:00 – Organization & Rules
10:00–11:00 – Challenge presentations
11:00–11:30 – Mentor introduction
11:30 – Hacking starts
12:00–15:00 – Challenges Q&A
17:00–17:20 – Organization Q&A
20:00 – Checkpoint

Hack Day #2
09:00–10:00 – Workshop: How to make a great video?
10:00–10:30 – Checkpoint
14:00 – Submissions deadline
18:30–19:00 – Winners announcement
19:00 – Outdoor afterparty

Green & modern venue

Green Venue

Praga Studios – Edwards Lifesciences offices*

* All COVID-19 safety and health measures will be taken. Participants & partners will be informed in advance.​


GreenHack is part of EU Green Week 2022 initiative by European Commission and is organized under auspices of The Ministry of the Environment & Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague and the Embassy of Netherlands.

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Have a look at the hacks that came from GreenHack 2021

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