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Can you sustain 36 hours non-stop work for a more sustainable world?

GreenHack Closing Ceremony – Watch the streaming here:

Have you missed our Pre-Hack Day Workshop: Fireside Chat – Carbon Footprint of Digital? Watch it here.

What is Green Hack?

GreenHack is an international hackathon tackling sustainable development and future challenges. We want to help solve big issues. Climate change, overconsumption, irresponsible production and poor resource management.

We are now seeking for hackers who will help us! Apply as an individual who will find team-members at the hackathon start or form a team of 2-5 members. Hack the green future with us!

GreenHack sites produce low carbon footprint:

GreenHack will centre around sustainability of buildings in all its facets: energy consumption, waste management, building and fitting materials, green logistics as well as prop tech opportunities to improve life cycle carbon footprint of office and home.

Masters of innovation and nascent technologies, up to 200 hackers and fresh minds will meet online & in Prague to fight the environmental doom mankind may be heading to. Join in the battle and save the green.

What was GreenHack 2021 like? Watch the aftermovies!

GreenHack 2021 is over. Congratulations to all winning teams!

Who are the winners?

Main prize (2 500€): Re-pair + Re-use + Re-sell 

2nd prize (1 500€): BASF in your pocket

3rd prize (1 000€): Nature Catcher – Vysočina & Second life for bottles


Partner prizes:

Dinner with brewmaster of Plzeňský Prazdroj – teams Cyrkl  Team2Balance is Motion & 3ofUS
Vouchers for Open day in IKEA – teams Unicorn Hackers & Student Dreamers
Mentoring with CEO of Soulmates Ventures – team Balance is Motion
Wild card to Start it @ ČSOB accelerator – teams Unicorn Hackers & Best_BASF_app
The visit of recycle concrete „Rebetong“ Skanska production plant & interesting hacker gadgets – teams Balance is Motion & Green4All 
Anti-theft bag & Portable Charger from ČSOB – team Pre-Algo
Qualification for competition finale of BASF Innovation Hub – teams Best_BASF_app & Cyrkl  Team
Interesting hacker gadgets from Operátor ICT – team GreenHackSchool
Balsa wood pole (game & decoration) from ČEPS – teams Unicorn Hackers & The Lean Boys 
Spa & hotel vouchers to Mosaic House – team Impact_Can

1 000 € worth of food vouchers for all CZ hackers from Dáme Jídlo


1. Recycling cans in Slovakia

Make it easier for Slovaks to store and transport undamaged beverage cans to be returned within the recycling system. 

Challenge by: Plzeňský Prazdroj

2. Sustainable gift packaging

Bring new ideas and solutions for gift packaging of Pilsner Urquell products.

Challenge by: Plzeňský Prazdroj

3. Second life for bottles

Bring ideas or solutions to upcycle non-returnable bottles to give them „2nd life“.

Challenge by: Plzeňský Prazdroj

4. Save energy

Optimization of water and electricity consumption in buildings – both, residential and commercial – and apartments with emphasis not only on technical solutions but above all on motivation for users to change their behavior.

Challenge by: ČSOB

5. Longer life for furniture

One missing screw shouldn’t screw up the whole thing. Make furniture components available for customers so that furniture can last longer and is not thrown away too soon.

Challenge by: IKEA 

6. Closing the loop
(only for CZ & SK teams)

How to ensure the packaging that contained chemicals is properly separated and reused? How to process the residues of chemical substances for further use?

Challenge by: BASF

7. Transmission system operator of the future

Use image recognition to identify objects of interest from aerial images. The goal is to automatically identify object types according to an image benchmark. The task is the basis for future automated fault recognition on power lines using UAVs (drones). The use of machine learning methodologies is appropriate.

Challenge by: ČEPS

8. Carbon neutral  construction

Part I: Design and implementation of carbon neutral principles for the construction stage.
Part II: Identification, monitoring and support of possible carbon savings for administrative work – for person/company.

Challenge by: Skanska

9. Regional natural heritage

Come up with a solution that will monitor the natural heritage and communicate collected data to the public.

Help public bodies be involved in nature protection as much as possible!

Challenge by: Kraj Vysočina

10. CO2 monitoring in schools

Design of a universal smart phone app that would communicate with interior comfort sensors in classrooms and alert teachers in regards to exceeding CO2 limits.
The app should recognize which classroom the teacher is having a lecture in.

Challenge by: Operátor ICT

11. Management of remotely controlled IRC thermal heads

Design of a web app for remote management of thermal heads in the administrative building offices of the City of Prague, in school classrooms interfacing with, for example, the personal calendar of a teacher / schedule of individual classrooms.

Challenge by: Operátor ICT


12 April
Registrations open

8 June
MS Teams
platform open

10 June
Registrations closed
+ Pre-Hack Day

11-12 June


THURSDAY – 10 June
Pre-Hack Day – ONLINE
(voluntary but recommended)

11:00–12:00 – Digital Carbon Footprint Workshop
12:00–13:00 – Workshop about sustainable cities
13:00–16:00 – Plzeňský Prazdroj workshop 1–3
16:00–17:00 – BASF workshop
18:00–19:00 –Networking Event

FRIDAY – 11 June
Hack Day #1 – ONLINE

09:00–09:40 – Welcome & Keynotes
09:40–10:00 – Organization & Rules
10:00–11:00 – Challenge presentations
11:00–11:30 – Mentor introduction
11:30 – Hacking starts
12:00–15:00 – Challenges Q&A
17:00–17:20 – Organization Q&A
20:00 – Checkpoint

SATURDAY – 12 June
Hack Day #2 – ONLINE & H40 spaces in Prague
09:00–10:00 – Workshop: How to make a great video?
10:00–10:30 – Checkpoint
14:00 – Submissions deadline
14:00 – 15:00 – Mentoring sessions with Soulmates Ventures
18:30–19:00 – Winners announcement  (online & H40 spaces in Prague)
19:00 – Outdoor afterparty (H40 spaces in Prague)

Venue – Winners announcement & outdoor afterparty*

* All COVID safety and health measures will be taken. Participants & partners will be informed in advance.


GreenHack is part of EU Green Week 2021 initiative by European Commission & under auspices of Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague.

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